Dr. Vijay Bhatkar shows concerns about India's data hosted outside

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Dr. Vijay Bhatkar shows concerns about India's data hosted outside

January 30, 2015, Nasik - One of the most prestigious Padma Bhushan award fame Dr. Vijay Bhatkar showed his concerns for nation's security due to much more than ample data of social media or others platform hosted outside of India at present. The key brain behind building India’s supercomputer 'Param' expressed this during his visit to Data Center facility of ESDS Software Solution at Nasik.

ESDS had cordially invited Dr. Bhatkar and he was felicitated by Piyush Somani, CEO, ESDS for being rewarded by Padma Bhushan award by government of India. "India’s data lying out of India raises a concern on India's security more than any other issues related to data" said Dr. Bhatkar during his felicitation speech.

This visit also witnessed a discussion between him and the staff of ESDS around impact of Internet of Things (IOT), usefulness and contribution of auto-scalability of cloud computing as a strength in that with respect to India's growth in forthcoming years.

"India's data should be brought back in India and a rule must be made like other countries have done already considering their security reasons. Bringing India's data back in India clubbed with cloud hosting and adoption of IOT can create as many as 20 million jobs in India. It would certainly help India to soon become a super power" said Dr. Bhatkar. Dr. Bhatkar also gave a new slogan today "Innovate in India & Internationalize (I3)"

After a heartily felicitation, Dr. Bhatkar also planted a sandalwood at ESDS Data Center premises with a message to "live in harmony with the nature and spread India's fragrance worldwide." ESDS respects thoughts and vision of Dr. Bhatkar as the key brain of the indigenous supercomputer. He had launched eMagic product, a data center management application, and Cross Platform Disaster Recovery service of ESDS almost a year ago.

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