Business-specific disaster recovery solutions

You want confidence that your most important data is secure and regularly backed up. ESDS maintains multiple off-site copies of your servers, databases, and policies to safeguard your data on the most secure cloud platform. With ESDS Backup & Recovery, you can quickly and easily geo-redundantly replicate your data and restore specific files, programs, or an entire system by:

  • Automating Disaster Recovery (DR) testing
  • System-generated documentation
  • Minimizing RPO and RTO
  • One-click recovery providing resilience


90% reduction in DR costs

With only 30% of the cost of a DC setup, you can set up a DR system with ESDS.

ESDS end-to-end disaster recovery services

ESDS provides a fully automated DR Solution framework for any platform. Our one-of-a-kind workload management system supports numerous cloud and hybrid deployment scenarios regardless of settings or applications. When it comes to disaster recovery solutions, ESDS has innumerable advantages.

What makes ESDS DRaaS a unique choice?

  • Liberated internal IT resources
  • Evaluation of recoverability regularly
  • Meeting legal obligations
  • The top data security DRaaS providere
  • Protection of your mission-critical applications
  • Offers you peace of mind while running your business 😇

Interested in moving to a cloud-ready disaster recovery plan?

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  • Hot Disaster Recovery
  • Warm Disaster Recovery
  • Cold Disaster Recovery
  • Backup as a Service and restore

  • High Availability
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • 99.995% Uptime
  • Tailor-made Solutions
  • Flexible Payment Plans

Get fully integrated, cost-effective disaster recovery with ESDS Cloud!
  • Encrypted and Securely Designed connection
  • Fast, Integrated, and Image-based Disaster Recovery
  • Management level and SLAs, from hands-on to managed

Our Top-notch Solutions

Disaster Recovery for Enterprise

ESDS offers a cost-effective, 100% uptime soluti.on via robust DR architecture to help businesses improve their business outcomes.

Disaster Recovery For Banks

A DR architecture that offers robust server and network security in addition to data mirroring is required for critical financial data. ESDS' DRaaS more securely protect your sensitive banking information on multi-layered cloud infrastructure.

SAP/ERP Data Recovery

Cross Platform DR is specifically built for complex dynamic data, with significant disaster tolerance and high availability capabilities.