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Data Center At Bengaluru

Features of Bengaluru Data Center

  • Tier 3 Compliant Data Center international standards and industry best practices
  • N+1 fault-tolerance UPS
  • N+N redundant UPS in every Data Center for uptime
  • Dual power PDU in each rack
  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.95%
  • Power racks ranging from 4KW to 10KW
  • Advanced laser-based very early smoke detection system (VESDA) continuously monitors the Data Center air for the presence of any traces of smoke
  • Advanced Architecture Supporting multiple 25Gbps links to the hosts with Backbone supported on multiple 100Gbps Links provides flexibility to accommodate different designs for different customers hosted in our cloud.
  • Scalable and Robust design Provides high Performance and security for customer environments in the Cloud.
  • Multiple ISP Availability for Access to the ESDS Cloud, inter DC connectivity and for Customer Branch connectivity with the DC.
  • Manned 24X7 by skilled and effective teams with multi-domain expertise.

Bengaluru Location

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