Cross Platform Disaster Recovery

Simple Disaster Recovery across
Complex Platforms

Swift and Easy migration of Enterprise Applications across Environments

We've found an opportunity out of complex problems in execution of IT disaster recovery. We've devised a one of its kind solution which supports Cross Platform DR. This means the solution not only allows users to enjoy x86 platform for heavy & complex applications, but also saves 90% of their DR cost on eNlight cloud.

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How does Cross Platform DR for SAP/ERP Work?

For its Simplicity & Flexibility

Dynamic, complex, huge databases of SAP/ERP need a robust infrastructure to support their DC and DR needs. Cross Platform DR conveniently provides a DR Setup on eNlight Cloud, on x86, Intel based hardware for users with an existing infrastructure on HP UNIX or IBM AIX hardware. Users can simply select preferred hardware from a wide range, since it doesn't bank on propriety set of hardware. Get expertise with Exuberant Support throughout your cross-platform journey.

For its Real Time Functionality

We've made the Replication on Cross Platform DR unique and comprehensive. To support its core real-time feature of disaster tolerance and high availability, Cross Platform DR Solution allows swift data movement between similar as well as heterogeneous sources and targets. This enables real-time solutions, zero downtime system upgrades, multi-directional data synchronization for distributed system, disaster recovery and migration between various databases, OS Platform and servers.

How You're Better with Cross Platform DR


You're Prepared to Overcome

Your business critical heavy or large databases are highly available even in disastrous situations.


You Function Better

100% Availability also during Real Time Data Integration, High Scalability on Minimal Overheads.


You're fully Cost-Optimized

90% of your DR Costs are saved, you only pay for DRs replicated. DR on eNlight disallows upfront CAPEX investment, and allows users to pay only when Disaster strikes.

eNlight-Hosted Disaster Recovery – Trusted by Customers of All Verticals

After successfully going LIVE with SAP running through client's In-house Data Center, client needed to now proceed with reliable business continuity which would provide scalable performance whenever required with all SAP modules. ESDS realized that c... Read Full Case Study

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