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Take a look at how companies have benefited with ESDS' solutions and how they achieved IT transformation


Janapriya Migrates Legacy...

Janapriya Engineers Syndicate Private Limited is a leading & reputed real estate company in Hyderabad, Telangana. Janapriya was established in 1985 by Mr. Ravinder Reddy (Founder & Chairman), and has ...

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The Ratnagiri District Central...

The Ratnagiri District Central Co-operative Bank (RDCCB) started its operations on 5th December 1957. The bank was established for significant enhancement of economic condition of farmers and other ne...

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The Kolhapur District Central Co-op...

Established in October 1938, Kolhapur District Co-operative Bank (KDCCB) today employ over 12292 members. The bank is the apex body of all the co-operative societies in the district and operates in a ...

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Stallen South Asia

Stallen is an animal healthcare company with a history of 20 years. Stallen started as a family business, and now expanded as a global force in the animal healthcare market. Stallen manufactures, dist...

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Government of Maharashtra has adopted the approach of decentralized planning where 5-year planning is done on the basis of districts as a unit. After formation of Maharashtra state in 1960, Government...

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K.B.B Nuts Pvt. Ltd.

K.B.B. Nuts (Bajaj Food Group) is a 50-year-old company and is now one of the largest brands in India and is famous for edible nuts and dry fruits. It is one of the largest importers for California ...

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