What makes backup services a must have for your business?

CMS sites were hacked in 2021
Organizations experienced Phishing attacks being the most common type of cyber-attack.
Increase in ransomware attacks was recorded over the previous year.

ESDS Backup as a Service- The Best in the Business

You can rely on us to help your business keep going

Store data remotely on ESDS Cloud


More cost-effective than in-house


Free up IT staff for strategic initiatives


Reduce on-Prem hardware/software


Better management/reporting


Improved service levels


Better management/reporting

Improved service levels

We understand different businesses have unique data backup and recovery needs. That's why we offer Business-Specific Backup as a Service, tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business. Our Business-Specific Backup as a Service offers:

  • End Point Backup

  • Server Backup

  • Replication / Migration

  • Data Protection Services

  • O365 Backup

ESDS Backup & Replication offers a comprehensive backup, recovery, and data security solution that meets all your data storage needs. With our Backup as a Service, you can keep your data safe and secure, whether stored on-premises or in the cloud. Our backup services ensure the protection and retrieval of critical business data, monitor the health of your data protection environment, and comply with government and industry regulations. We offer instant data recovery to minimize downtime. ESDS’ Backup as a Service plans are tailored to suit different enterprise workloads, including SQL and SAP databases and workstations running Windows or Linux operating systems in a physical or virtual environment.

Rely on us for backup and you’ll never have to worry

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We've helped 4000+ customers save on operational costs

Why take Backup as a Service from us?

Instant Recovery

Restore your data quickly with our reliable instant recovery solution, so you can meet your SLAs

Restore Anywhere

Easily recover your data from various clouds and platforms in a portable format.

Reliable Recovery

Automated backup and testing guarantee your data can be recovered in any disaster

Broad Protection

Backup data automatically across all environments for complete protection.

Freedom of Choice

Choose flexible software-defined and hardware-agnostic solutions.

Scale-Out with Ease

Cut costs with scalable backup repositories using different storage types.

Cloud DR

Achieve agile disaster recovery and two-step recovery to any cloud.

Prevent Re-infection

Enjoy end-to-end backup immutability in both data centers and the cloud.

Automatic Backup Scans

Automate verification to detect undetected malware before data recovery.

Get 100% Data Resilience with ESDS

Data Protection: We provide multi-layered security to ensure your data is always protected.

Data Liberation:We offer secure data storage with no lock-ins, giving you complete control over your data.

Data Recovery: Retrieve your data precisely where and when you need it.


Working of ESDS Backup Service

ESDS backup solution is set up in MeitY empaneled cloud.

You get customized backup policy to fit your needs.

Allocated storage capacity for backups.

24/7 support available.

Offer training as requested.

Schedule automatic reports based on dashboard.

Provide access for restoration.

Grant read-only rights on dashboard as per customer demand.