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Managing applications in-house means having to invest. With enterprises evolving, it becomes difficult to manage, evaluate and enhance multiple platforms, technologies and applications which need to co-exist in IT environment. Application Support is about providing one stop solution to manage and maintain all kinds of application processes. Back your application with full-scale support for queries ranging from coding, performance, speed, security, agility, usability, resource optimization and more.

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App Support
Code & Support 24/7

Code & Support 24/7

Build an effective website founded on well-ordered, neat and tidy functional codes written to expedite speed and ensure security. Reach out to our developers, support teams anytime need support with an ongoing project or when you need to turn your idea into fully functional products. Get round the clock support for all types of technology and platforms that put you at an edge with operational proficiency, cost optimization and seamless performance.


  1. Joomla/Magento/WP/Drupal/Ruby on Rails Maintenance
  2. SEO Friendly URLs
  3. Modular and extensible
  4. Group-based permission system
  5. Full template support for unlimited looks without changing line of content
  6. Easy wizard based install and upgrade procedures
  7. CMS Theme / Template Design and Development

 Website Maintenance

  1. Content Updates
  2. Seasonal Changes in pricing and latest tour dates
  3. Updates regarding News, Specials and Events
  4. Contact Details and Location Changes
  5. Update web pages with new and improved images of business
  6. Highlight New Features and Products

 Security Patches and Support

  1. Search engine Friendly
  2. Detect Threats
  3. Keep your Web Servers fit
  4. Prevent Website Attacks
  5. Anticipate & Spot Flaws Proactively
  6. Intense Detection

 Monthly Backup

  1. Restore Folders and Files
  2. Derive Event logs
  3. Generate Automatic email alerts
  4. Granular email reports
  5. Generate Error reports
  6. Support for Mapped network drive

 Bug Fixing

  1. Enter bug in your case tracking system
  2. Google the error message
  3. Identify immediate line of code where bug occurs
  4. Identify line of code where bug actually occurs
  5. Identify species of bug
  6. Use process of elimination
  7. Log everything and analyze logs

 24x7 Technical Support/Alerting

  1. Complete & Advanced Scanning Package
  2. Manage all critical incidents like server migrations, server audits, load balancing, failovers and cluster services with our expertise
  3. Alarms and Reports
  4. Advisory Security Patches
  5. Advisory Security Packages
  6. Application Protection

Server Management

  1. Secure, Flexible and Scalable Servers
  2. Take Server Snapshots
  3. Restore/Replicate data
  4. Ensure High Availability
  5. Configure RAID
  6. Manage with cPanel/Plesk/DNP
  7. Manage via mobile device
  8. Configure Hardware firewall
  9. Configure Backup Copy

OS Management

  1. Manage multiple Operating Systems
  2. Manage Process
  3. Manage Memory
  4. Manage File and disk
  5. Update systems periodically
  6. Manage I/O system

On Site/Off Site Assistance

  1. Hands-on troubleshooting
  2. Perform comprehensive, ongoing program management
  3. Perform Preventive maintenance
  4. Deliver Maintenance and Support
  5. Create Incident resolution plans and reports
  6. Plan Network expansion
  7. Provide Screen Share, Remote Assistance

Website Development and Design

  1. Ecommerce Website Design and Development
  2. Responsive Website Design and Development
  3. Mobile Site Design and Development
  4. Landing Page Design and Development
  5. Mobile Application Android/IOS Design and Development

Maintaining Outsourced Projects

  1. Understand and Analyze requirements
  2. Consult on technology parameters
  3. Sync up regularly
  4. Deliver Efficiency (Cost Effectiveness & Productivity)
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Website Security Scan
Security scan and Malware Removal
Monthly Backup
Bug Fixing
Technical Support/Alerting/Notifications
Server management
Manage outsourced projects
OS management
On site assistance
Offsite assistance
Website Development and Design
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