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ESDS' Management Team

Sameer Redij

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

‘No Excuses, No Limits’ is the passion with which Mr. Sameer Redij operates every single day. His focus is to create returns on investments and value-driven people relationships to empower every person in the ecosystem to achieve their business goals, profitably.

As Chief Revenue Officer of ESDS, Sameer is the leader for revenue realization, providing exuberant support, and achieving client satisfaction. Sameer also concentrates on ESDS’s marketing, brand building, and brand recognition initiatives. He is constantly innovating to build a culture where every ESDSian strives to achieve new benchmarks.

Prior to re-joining ESDS in August 2021, Sameer carried over a decade of leadership experience working with CXOs and management teams of premier organisations across industries. Previously, Sameer has been a Managing Partner in EvolutionCo, which excels in helping brands with application, content, digital, marketing, and technology support. Prior to EvolutionCo, Sameer was Chief Revenue Officer at ESDS. Other profiles included being a Sales Vice President at CTRLS, Director for Gartner India’s Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) business, and working with IBM where he significantly contributed to the growth of DotCom & Global Technology Services’ India division.

Sameer has developed the ‘R2IU Matrix’ for value driven client engagements and make SME Information Technology vendor CEOs (in India, U.S.A, U.A.E., Africa & Singapore), and Enterprise CIOs (in India) achieve their key initiatives through Gartner’s advisory and research. ‘R2IU’ is a ‘Prioritization Matrix’ conceived and developed by Sameer. It measures and delivers client initiatives for ‘Revenue Realization’, ‘Risk Mitigation’, ‘Investment Protection’, and ‘Urgency Prioritization’.

As per Wilson Learning’s Social Style of Leadership, Sameer Redij is a “Driving Driver”. His Strength Finder test result reveals - Focus, Maximiser, Deliberative, Competitive, Ideating, as his top 5 strengths.

Sameer has won numerous accolades in his career. He has been a recipient of Gartner’s “Winner Circle awards” for 2009, 2010, and 2012 business excellence & performance. He was also awarded “Your DotCom” - Global CEO award in 2008. Sameer was a recipient of numerous quarterly and monthly awards in HCL Infinet in 2004 and 2005.

Academically, Sameer is a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing, IT & e-Business from Bengaluru, and Bachelor of Engineering in Production Specialization from Mumbai University.

Sameer also shares his passions in travelling global destinations to understand their cultural and social diversities, relish local cuisines, and capture it all by his lens. He indulges in adventure sports activities on a regular basis. Since 2017, Sameer has been a regular half marathoner & cyclist, with one 200 km BRM under his belt.

Sameer believes that with “No Excuses, No Limits” mind-set, every ESDSian now should ‘Dare to ‘Dream’. These ‘Dreams’ are leading to ‘Imagine’ & ’Innovate’ new milestones, and create revenue focused ‘Execution’ plans. Robust ‘Execution’ leads to ‘Improvisation’, thereby continuing high ’Delivery’ standards. ESDS will continue to ‘Deliver’ and ‘Succeed’ in making its clients and itself proud.

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