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Private Cloud Hosting

With ESDS' Private Cloud Hosting on eNlight, our clients can avail the stupendous benefits of eNlight's dedicated, dynamic and fully scalable resources, eradicating the need to purchase or maintain the essential infrastructure. ESDS' eNlight Cloud is the first iNtelligent & auto scalable Cloud in the industry to deliver an end-to-end solution that promises security, performance and customization.

ESDS' Private Cloud Plans are an exclusive combination of flexibility and price effectiveness of a Public Cloud, while delivering secure and vastly available hosting solutions to efficiently meet the rigorous standards that organizations follow today. eNlight Private Cloud guarantees availability from a redundant infrastructure in the Cloud, combined with the high performance and security that accompanies the traditional dedicated hardware. You can opt from our affordable packages, to best suit your needs.

eNlight Private Cloud rapidly scales itself as per the needs, and is equipped with the self service functionality offered by a Public Cloud, with the reliability offered by dedicated resources. eNlight Private Cloud's iNtelligent technology helps organizations optimize their costs, improve agility and adapt effortlessly to the ever changing and dynamic web environment.

Customers prefer to use a cluster of servers to host their mission critical applications and websites. But this may not always be the best option, owing to the different needs of certain applications, requiring different processing power. But with eNlight Private Cloud, all your resources will be managed from a single, central control panel to allow resource maximization whenever needed, and so that you have complete control over your hosting environment.

ESDS' state-of-the-art Datacenter leverages the industry's best hardware, and its indigenous Cloud Solution, eNlight, to successfully maintain virtual cloud deployment, to provide all our Clients the most efficient and advanced computing solutions.

Features of eNlight Private Cloud

Hardware Customization

eNlight Cloud supports an extensive range of softwares, hardware and virtualization to cater to every client's unique, customized requirements. While using eNlight Private Cloud, the customers are not restricted to a few specific hardware or software components, with eNlight capable to support multiple cloud flavours. The clients can choose and customize the hardware they wish to use, and will be supported by our 24*7 support staff.

Customized Security Standards

eNlight's Private Cloud includes a complete suite of comprehensive security services that are completely customizable as per the client's requirements, supporting multiple environments. These security offerings can be easily deployed through the eNlight Private Cloud and works perfectly well with all configurations.

Customized Virtual Machine Templates

With eNlight's Private Cloud, the clients can customize their VM templates as necessary. This makes multiple custom deployments easy, as the VM acts as a model for replication and can be used instantly, without wasting time in creating and customizing a new VM as per the requirement.


eNlight Private Cloud is perhaps the most cost effective way to build a steadfast and highly scalable IT infrastructure. Scalability, for that matter, happens to be the key factor in adding value to eNlight Cloud. The more the server capacity is increased, the cost effectiveness of the router etc increases, thus saving costs and reducing the expenses associated with redundancy costs.

Benefits of Private Cloud

  • Optimization of Dedicated Resources
  • Greater flexibility, efficiency of operations and improved security
  • Best-in-class hardware solutions tailor made to cater to your needs
  • Round the clock, dedicated enterprise support
  • Significantly Reduced CAPEX

Advantage ESDS

ESDS' Private Cloud gives you the liberty and flexibility that you need, delivering excellent services and enterprise level performance. ESDS' Private Cloud directs all your traffic to highly redundant, high speed internet connections, ensuring peak performance at all times. Our complete suite of services and end-to-end solutions are unmatched, backed by our State-of-the-art Datacenter and dedicated customer service protects your business critical information, and provides an excellent computing experience for your end users. All these, leading to unparalleled user experience, reliability and efficient service delivery.

Feature Private Cloud Public Cloud Dedicated Hosting
Automatic Resource ScalingScaling up and down of CPU & RAM without any manual intervention and the need to reboot
No Hardware Maintenance DowntimeThe server does not have to be shut down during scheduled hardware maintenance
Dedicated Hardware ResourcesAll the resources provisioned to your server will be allocated exclusively to you and will not be shared.
High AvailabilityEnsure superior operational performance and high uptime of Servers
Full Administrative Access to ServerYou will be the sole owner of the server and you will have administrative level access i.e. root/administrator access
Snapshots for BackupYou can create images of your server that can later be used to restore the server.
Hardware Firewalldicated firewall can be installed, setup and configured
Private NetworkYou can configure your servers to communicated to each other over a private network (LAN)
VPN Accessa Virtual Private Network can be configured for increased security for Data transmission
Isolated EnvironmentAccess to your server will be strictly limited to the authorized persons
Administrative Control over InfrastructureYou will have sole ownership of the Infrastructure including server hardware, network components, switches etc
Customized SecuritySecurity of the server can be configured and subsequently modified as per the scenarios
Redundant HardwareIn case of failure, a backup is immediately available to take over the load
Customized HardwareYou can have your choice of Hardware, as per your preferences
Customized O/S TemplatesYou can install and configure your choice of Operating System on the Server
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