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Cloud Computing Services

eNlight Cloud Hosting is delivered from a cluster of multiple high specification servers. Our eNlight Cloud has alleviated the process of individual installation of applications and is extremely proficient with one of its major features being scalability in the form of Memory, CPU and Bandwidth allocation, along with redundant SAN storages.

Our eNlight cloud servers significantly lessens the overhead cost of hardware and other applications, and it is appropriate for companies that are planning to cut their costs for hosting. In short, Cloud can also be defined as fully redundant and multi server systems which are easily scalable and can be virtualized on demand.

eNlight Cloud Services is our in-house developed technology on hardware virtualization platform. eNlight is a patent pending advanced cloud computing technology that involves provisioning of dynamically auto scalable resources like CPU and RAM in a hardware virtualization environment over the Internet. With its intelligent design, eNlight cloud hosting servers can calculate the need for additional resources for a virtual machine and the need to withdraw them as and when not required, therefore providing a truly scalable environment for cloud computing.

eNlight Cloud Plans
eNlight for
  • Full Root Access
  • Auto scalable cloud
  • Scale from 512MB to 64GB RAM seamlessly without any downtime
  • Scale from 1 CPU to 24 CPUs
  • Increase disk space without downtime
  • 1 IP free
  • Ready to use cPanel (license cost extra)
  • Web-based Console Access
  • Server provisioning within a minute
Starts @ 1495 /- only
eNlight Cloud
eNlight Cloud for
  • You can create a farm of your Cloud
  • Each cloud of your farm is Auto Scalable
  • Mix and match Linux and Windows
  • Best performance by separating Web & DB
  • Gbps private network with less than 2 millisecond latency
  • Network security on Switch VLANs
  • Provision for private storage

With eNlight cloud hosting; resources allocation, scalability and server upgrade or downgrade cycles are not tedious as eNlight takes care of these seamlessly and adjusts resources in real time, eliminating the need of a server reboot.

With resources dynamically allocated as per the server load, eNlight's intelligent Auto-Scaling cloud server hosting technology recognizes when to allocate and de-allocate resources to a virtual machine. You can deploy any number of virtual machines or eradicate them after use.

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