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Disaster Recovery as a Service

DR is within everyone's budget nowadays. You can have it ready in no time at only 10% of the cost of your current setup.

ESDS Affordable Disaster Recovery solutions (DraaS) minimize exposure to data loss caused by a disaster while reducing total cost of ownership via cloud infrastructure. Using ESDS disaster recovery solutions with low cost, you will meet today's demanding service level related to recovery time and data loss requirements. Will also reset applications quickly in times of failure and replicate information in remote locations cost effectively with technology that minimizes costs and network bandwidth.

In an attempt to provide disaster recovery at a very low and reasonable cost, the R & D team at ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. has come up with a solution named Disaster Recovery as a Service (DraaS) that can save up to 90% of your DR costs. DraaS is a completely automated solution and thus saves time to set up a DR site and restore the DR and main site in case of a disaster.

Traditionally, Disaster Recovery comprises of the procedures and processes involved in preparing for Business Continuity in the wake of a disaster, whether a natural disaster or as a result of vandalism. It relates to preserving the technology and information critical to an organization by setting up a remote Disaster Recovery location that maintains regular backups. This alternate location can guarantee your business continuity and support business functions when disaster strikes.

DraaS integrated with our distinctive eNlight Cloud enables you to utilize a single DR site to act as a back up for your multiple Data centers across the globe. Disaster Recovery as a Service can help you to save up to 45-80% of your hardware cost because only one DR site manages all your Data centers.

DraaS not only suits the pocket of small and medium business players but it is also ideal for large enterprises with multiple Data centers worldwide. The bigger the IT setup is, the more you save with DRaaS. DR services allows you to use a single DR site for multiple Data centers, because of which, you save on multiple parameters like:

  • Setup & Recovery Time
  • Infrastructure
  • Hardware (IT & non IT)
  • Licenses
  • Administration
  • Power & Electricity

The distinctive pay-per-use model of our DRaS solution creates a fully auto scalable virtual environment that can stretch as large as a dedicated machine with 32 CPUs and 96 GB of RAM and automatically scales down when there is no demand for the resources. Every virtual machine is highly flexible and floats within the Cloud thereby removing the threat of hardware failure. The accessibility of our 24x7 support engineers and monitoring software helps you to resolve any complex problem in no time.

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