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Colocation Hosting

Host servers within the company with equivalent infrastructure in a data center demand high investments and costs of ownership, such as maintenance of systems and specialized labor. Often, this budget takes companies to simplify infrastructure in home installations.

Thinking of offering a solution with high performance and a low cost to the customer, ESDS offers the fully managed colocation to co-locate your application, web and mail solutions on high-speed redundant backbones in our state-of-the-art Data Center (Tier III) facility, your equipment in a safe place, which consists of the physical servers of customer owned equipment itself, we offer entire infrastructure, energy, logical network, continuous monitoring, providing security to the application, Colocation always stay in the air.

One of the benefits associated with fully managed co-location service is that one does not require to approach the provider every time you need your webserver to be rebooted or reinstalled. You will get complete control and access over your co-located webserver with KVM-IP or terminal access.

Due to co-location, you can also evade standard bandwidth charges. Although, once everything is installed, the IP address and connectivity instructions are provided. This will facilitate you to connect to your website, application, or softwares that are installed. Colocation is an effortless and cost-effective solution to house a company's powerful infrastructure without losing the administrative control of the equipments.

Our Data Center can effortlessly accommodate 1U, 2U and 4U rackmount or blade servers. In case of custom requirements, we also offer Quarter, Half, or Full Rack cabinets for your co-location requirements.

How Colocation Works?

The colocation is to rent data center infrastructure required for the installation of your server: rack space, electricity supply, internet connectivity, air conditioning etc.. The only difference between web server and Colocation is that, equipment belongs to the customer, or the data center provides only the space where it is installed.

This service is typically used by medium and large business owners, that make use of servers more complex than those offered through rent and, not least, having qualified to manage all this infrastructure remotely professional.

Advantages of ESDS Colocation Data Center:

  • Security and High Performance
  • uninterruptible electrical power redundancy guaranteed by the utility supply, generators and UPS
  • Specialized Technical Team
  • Redundant links with the main operators in the country
  • Redundant cooling systems
  • Monitoring and correcting faults 365 X 24 X 7

3,799 p/m
19,599 p/m
40,299 p/m
60,399 p/m
Rack Space 1U Rack Space 8U Rack Space 20U Rack Space 42U Rack Space
Power Supply 0.5A Inclusive Power 4A Inclusive Power 8A Inclusive Power 16A Inclusive Power
Bandwidth - Per Month 100 GB 150 GB 500 GB 750 GB
Dedicated IPs 2 IPs 4 IPs 8 IPs 16 IPs
E-Magic Portal Access
On Demand KVM-IP Access
Free Reboots
Free Setup

With ESDS Server Colocation, your company is assured of availability and high performance without high initial investments and a fraction of the cost of ownership. The price of colocation service is determined mainly by the space used by the client, their need for power supply and network bandwidth.

Count on our colocation services with our redundant data center infrastructure.

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